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Retrofit Bungalow

1980s bungalow refurbished to provide potential 50%+ energy saving

A 1980s bungalow in Bourne, Lincolnshire was refurbished to a high energy efficiency standard. Prior to work commencing, an energy audit was carried out, revealing a typical energy rating for a building of this era:

  • Built 1980s
  • Two bedroom bungalow
  • 108m² Floor Area
  • 47m wall perimeter
  • 2.37m storey height
  • At Decent Homes Standard
  • 9 x Incandescent light fittings
  • Gas System Boiler pre 98 – 65% efficient
  • 110 Litre insulated Hot Water Cylinder
  • Mechanical Ventilation None – Windows open in hot weather
  • 3 x Fans


Bungalow before refurbishment (front)Bungalow before refurbishment (side)

1980s bungalow before energy efficient retrofit project

Working in partnership with local contractors, Eco Building Products sourced and supplied a range of energy saving products specifically for this project.

Floor Insulation Improved Roof Insulation
Floor Insulation Improved Roof Insulation
Solar Hot Water Heat Recovery
Solar Hot Water Heat Recovery
Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV) Low Energy Light Fittings
Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV) Low Energy Light Fittings
External Wall Insulation  
External Wall Insulation  

The work included installation of a solar thermal hot water system, a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system, 1kWp of photovoltaic panels, floor insulation and some external insulation.

The entire retrofit of the bungalow was completed in only fifteen days and it is estimated that it will result in energy savings of fifty to seventy per cent.

Completed Retrofit Bungalow

Completed Retrofit Bungalow

The bungalow retrofit seeks to address energy efficiency problems with existing housing stock that have the potential to be retrofitted and updated with energy saving technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.